The rumors are true: The last known line up of AEBA will play three exclusive shows in 2016. This is no reunion but a belated celebration of AEBAs 20th anniversary.

After the final gig AEBA stopped to exist on September 7th, 2013 at 5:55pm.



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Influenced by the second wave of Black Metal AEBA was formed in 1992 under the name of Eternal Suffer. Two years later the band changed its name. AEBA is an acronym and stands for the names of the arch demons Astaroth, Eurynome, Bael and Amducias, four horsemen of the apocalypse, which allegorically stand for death, plague, hunger and war.

In 1995 AEBA recorded the well known demo tape “The Rising”. The sound was very raw and brutal and received a very high acknowledgement in the underground. The dark atmos- phere and the share of succinct melodies became the trademark of the band.

In 1997 AEBA entered the studio again to record a second demo called “Im Schattenreich”. The reactions were that euphoric in the press and the scene that Last Episode offered a lucrative deal. In 1998 the label re-released the second demo as the first full length album with a remastered sound. In the meantime AEBA spread its message through intense live gigs.

“Flammenmanifest” and “Rebellion – Edens Asche” followed 1999 and 2001. The albums showed a permanent musical progression and a high versatility which proved the artistic maturity of the group. In 2002 AEBA parted its ways with Last Episode and joined forces with Twilight-Distribution to release “Shemhamforash – Des Hasses Antlitz” in 2004 which was recorded in the band‘s own studio. After that release AEBA had the chance to tour foreign countries and to prove their ability on stage.

In 2006 it came to some musical changes: After the current keyboarder left, AEBA decided not to look for a new player. Instead they choose to focus more on the guitars and the aim was to create the same dark atmosphere in using the remaining instruments. With a new musical direction “Kodex V” was recorded again in the band‘s own studio and was released via Twilight in 2008. The reviews from the press and the reactions of the fans were very positive.


AEBA 2012

AEBA anno 2012, from left to right:
Xsaahr - Guitars
Infernal Desaster - Drums
Exul - Bass
Schattensturm - Guitars, Vocals
Isegrim - Vocals


Cover: Nemesis Cover: Kodex V Cover: Shemhamforash Cover: Rebellion Cover: Flammenmanifest Cover: Im Schattenreich Cover: The Rising

Nemesis, Decay Of God's Grandeur

Nemesis, Decay Of God's Grandeur, CD-Digipak 2012

CD-Digipak 2012

  1. The Hunter And The Hunted One
  2. Towards The Grandness From Above
  3. Leitwolf
  4. Shatterer Of Worlds
  5. In Memoriam
  6. Where I Am There Is No God
  7. Amok - Natural Born Killer
  8. Antagonism, Eternal ...

Recorded: Hassberg, 2010 - 2011
Released: Infernal Dark Abyss, 2012

Kodex V

Kodex V, CD-Digipak 2008

CD-Digipak 2008

  1. Lux Ex Tenebris
  2. More Than Hate
  3. Nemesis - Lass Sie Brennen
  4. Seven Souls
  5. Lifecode Sin
  6. La Petite Morte
  7. Geist Der Dekadenz
  8. The God Below Us
  9. De Adventu Antichristi Et Fine Mundi
  10. Ruins Of Heaven
  11. King Or Slave

Recorded: Hassberg, May 2007 - January 2008
Released: twilight-Vertrieb, 2008

Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz

Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz, CD 2004

CD 2004

  1. Intro
  2. Mit Zorn In Meinem Herzen
  3. Where No Light Is
  4. The Angel Of Genocide
  5. As Wolf Among Sheep
  6. Between The Abyss
  7. Storm Of Vengeance
  8. Shemhamforash
  9. Into The Dark Valley
  10. Hate Is Not Enough

Recorded: Hassberg, February - March 2004
Released: twilight-Vertrieb, 2004

Rebellion - Edens Asche

Rebellion - Edens Asche, CD 2001

CD 2001

  1. Majestic Veil Of Darkness
  2. Sacred Demon Angel
  3. Once You Summoned Me
  4. ... Between Wrath And Anguish
  5. Darkness - Embrace My Soul
  6. Dominion Of Terror
  7. Flammenherz
  8. Spiritual Evolution
  9. Rebellion - Des Zornes Banner
  10. Kristalltränen

Recorded: Northern Light Studio, February - March 2001
Released: Last Episode, 2001


Flammenmanifest, CD 1999

CD 1999

  1. Until The Darkness ...
  2. Seelenfrost
  3. Winds Of The Dusk
  4. Shadows Over Gods Creation
  5. Todeshaß
  6. Inimicissimus
  7. The Dark Manifestion
  8. ... Never Ends

Recorded: Northern Light Studio, December 1998
Released: Last Episode, 1999

Im Schattenreich ...

Im Schattenreich ..., CD 1998

CD 1999

Im Schattenreich ..., MC 1997

MC 1997

  1. Rising Black Dominion
  2. Gottesmord
  3. Dragonstorm
  4. Ewigkeit - Gedanken Einer Misanthropischen Seele
  5. Revenge - The Strength Beyond The Light
  6. Superiority Is The Gift Of Hate
  7. Zerfall

Recorded: Northern Light Studio, October 1997
Released: MC - AEBA 1997, CD - Last Episode 1998

The Rising

The Rising, CD 1999

CD 1999

The Rising, MC 1995

MC 1995

  1. The Rising Of Astaroth, Eurydome, Bael, Amducias
  2. Into The Infernal Dark Abyss
  3. Inimicissimus
  4. In Sorrow
  5. Vom Schwarzen Blut
  6. The Rising
  7. Last Rites

Recorded: Northern Light Studio, November 1995
Released: MC - AEBA 1995, CD - Pure Aggro Noise Records 1999